The TFRC Green Week


The Textile Futures Research Centre put a series of seminars to celebrate a green week across the UAL universities.

I attended one of these talks at Central St-Martin on the Perspectives on future sustainable design. It all started with a positive introduction from Dr. Jonathan Chapman followed by Becky Earley presentation of TED the Textile Environment Design and their 10 topics to bring sustainability in your company. Carole Collet, course director of the Textile Future MA course at CSM followed by an outstanding presentation on the new comer in the design arena “BioDesign” which merge skills from different fields to think something even more efficient, ecstatically challenging and something that tackle sustainable issues.

Her work was particularly special for me as I am also researching on the use of microorganisms best assets to be incorporated in the textile industry. If you are interested in some great example of theoretical biodesign work I would recommend you to have a look at her website:

The following 3 presentations were practical based PHD students all looking at the future of textile in an eco-friendly environment. Which made me wonder if its something I would like to take my project on next oh noooo!!! haha


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